Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post-Competition Plans

It's only been a few days since the official close of the 2012 7-day Roguelike Competition but there's already been some very positive conversation about Fictional Roguelike.  I'm quite surprised by the reactions from people, but very happy at the same time.  I'd set out to try and breathe life through narrative into what can sometimes be a drab dungeon crawl.

Originally, I wanted to leave this project at the 7DRL and let it exist as the experiment it was.  In light of the comments about the project, I've decided continue the development of it into a more full-fleshed out roguelike. Over the next few days and weeks, I'll be adding a more robust grammar that allows rooms to be more fully realized (and less random). I'd also like to see the narrative stand out a bit more - with true story arcs being randomly written and evolved through gameplay. And, of course, I would ultimately like to see the standard trappings of a roguelike richer and more polished (combat, itemization, exploration, etc).

In the shortest term, I'm hoping to implement:
  • save and load game
  • better room definitions in the grammar
I'll be keeping this blog up-to-date on the development of Fictional Roguelike as frequently as I can. I've also added a download link that will always point to the latest version of the game.

Thanks for the interest! 

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  1. I stumbled across your site via searching for rogue like and parser. I dabble a little in creating IF games and have been wishing to see a bridge with minimal graphic game play. It sounded like it was just an experiment and you were encouraged with interest to continue with it...but there has been any new development posts since 2012. So perhaps you have abandoned this?

    I would love to see some sort of Rogue-like Parser or IF Rogue-Like creator come to fruition somewhere. Where you can either use random seeding for creating dungeons or surface locations. Or create your own preset locations. Being able to create properties for items so they can be combined with other items/objects. Whatever the creator imagines really via a drop down tasks for triggers, with restrictions (eg. must have property x and must have etc) and if passed actions follow. And to be able to use a built in parser system (which user can add new task commands to it) to interact with the game world and objects, whilst also being able to have a conversation tree like system as well. Being able to create way points and loops for enemies to patrol or have it random. (Basic Ai- rules for enemies?)

    This could have a free version and a paid version like $15 or more which will include experimental updates and being able to make suggestions or vote on new features. The paid version would help fund a basic physics engine (I mean like kinda like Dwarf Fortress) that could be expanded on, with allowing the creator to tap into that with their custom properties for objects. Add options like popup windows for exclusive pictures of an object to display if a creator wants to show the player something (gif images too) this could also useful be for character portraits during combat like in Wasteland 1. The creator can add in their own sfx and music. There could be a $40 version that allows an exe build of a creators game that of course has the same features as the $15 version.

    Unfortunately I cannot get your game to run to comment on what you have already tried, when i run it i get the game window displaying saying press enter to start or esc to quit. But nothing happens when i press either of those keys. I have updated my Java. :(

    Anyway. I for one would financially support such an endeavor as I outlined. This style of game play would further open up emergent story telling, not just from multiple ways of dying or things happening in unexpected ways but also allow for communicating with npc, more narrative and story woven into it as well.